If you are looking for innovation in web development, you should get acquainted with Bootstrap which will allow you create and promote fresh ideas. It is a responsive and powerful CSS frontend framework that helps developers to build mobile-first websites.

Ready-made coding blocks

Are you concerned about fast prototyping? If yes, then Bootstrap would be the perfect way to go. When you work with other frameworks, you need to sit and start coding from the scratch. Bootstrap, on the other hand, offers ready-made coding blocks so that developers can build their websites in no time. If you have not used Bootstrap yet, you must give it a try and get benefited from the speed and features it provides for creating a new application or website.

Bootstrap is user-friendly

Why developers prefer using Bootstrap? Well, there are so many factors that make this framework popular and appreciable among the web developers. Since, it is user-friendly, even amateurs can use it easily. It offers a learning curve that you can grasp without putting so much stress on your brain. There are old or LESS CSS files offered by Bootstrap and developers can pick according to their comfort level.

Advantages of using Bootstrap

You can think of integrating Bootstrap with almost any other kind of frameworks. It ensures the ease of access among multiple frameworks and there is no need of using markups. Developers can implement any of these pre-defined Bootstrap classes.

Bootstrap comes with a 12-comumn grid style which can be altered to an adjustable layout if you need so many elements to pick from including dropdowns, navigation bars, and alerts equipped with so many HTML components that can deal with forms, images, typography, etc.

There is a wide range of Java Script components to help developers so that they can avoid scripting. One can also acquire assistance from multiple support groups as well as documentations.

Customize Bootstrap as you need

Do you struggle with coding? Is developing a website or an application tiring for you? Well, if you think this way, you need to consider a framework that you can customize and Bootstrap is the one that provides you with different types of facilities you need for accomplishing your work.

Bootstrap is customizable and you can alter it based on what your project demands. There is a comprehensive array of options for the developers to select the features or functionalities which they need. Bootstrap is a framework you can expect everything you require.


Systems that work over the internet need to be upgraded at consistent intervals so that they can cope up with the web demands. It is practical if only the upgrade happens orderly. But, when you use Bootstrap, you don’t need to think of this factor because it will release more updates than you can hardly expect from any other frameworks. Such updates are tailor-made and help cross-device as well as cross-browser compatibility.

Large Bootstrap community for your help

If you face issues while working with Bootstrap, you don’t need to worry because there is a huge community to support you. You can explore and use this framework freely for creating a new app or website. Bootstrap community provides you with all sorts of assistance that you may need to accomplish your project. It is not only a theory-based documentation; it also offers demos and illustrations on how the Bootstrap features work.


If you are pursuing a career in the field of web development, you should consider learning Bootstrap which is quite popular among developers. The latest version is Bootstrap 4 that provides you with useful features and functionalities so that you can easily develop new designs.

Before facing an interview, it is utterly essential that you prepare yourself. Go through all the possible Bootstrap interview questions to enhance your confidence level, and make sure you are equipped with all the right answers to amaze the interviewer and confirm your position in the company.

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