What is the function of Node Js? Well, developers use this cross platform in order to execute JavaScript code outside the browser. Developers build web servers and networking tools via JavaScript as well as module collections that is responsible for managing different core functionalities. Node Js is a programming language that is designed to stretch the utility of JavaScript in the web browser. It provides developers with the event-driven non-blocking I/O model, and thus becoming a great tool to build scalable and robust applications.

If you want to develop various kinds of applications for your browser, then it is essential that you study Node Js. It is authorized by JavaScript to manage the event loop mechanism that can be considered as a Node Js perk. JavaScript helps you run your applications without any flaws in various OS environments.


JavaScript Object Notation or JSON in short signifies a get-at-able format of data exchange. You can easily and quickly build APIs through this strong and accessible data exchange format. Before JSON, programmers needed to invest more attention for manipulating dynamic data in JavaScript. JSON is appreciated because it has introduced the NoSQL database which is designed particularly for JS.

Node Js is powered by Google Chrome

Google’s V8 engine powers Node Js that acts on the backend, take equal runtime in Google Chrome to execute the JavaScript frontend. Node Js is fast, offering most dynamic runtimes if compared to advanced JavaScript. In addition to that Google includes it among different system engine powers. You can’t only use Google developer tools, there is also Node Js debugging feature which you can use to debug, and become able to reduce errors in the frontend and backend.

Extensive code library

You can certainly depend on the massive library that Node Js offers which is called Node Package Manager. As a developer, you will be able to manage things more easily with the dependable package management, and it let the Node ecosystem grow.

NPM stands for Node Package Manager that contains a respiratory of 50,000 packages, enabling you to create effective solutions and encourage sharing. This inbuilt feature makes it easier for the developers to update, share and reuse codes.

Some facts about Node Js

The framework of Node Js is separated in numerous smaller modules including Node Js application and Node Js core. Though, developers are permitted to use both together, they are not obliged to do so.

Node Js offers excellent features compatible to develop real-time apps including gaming applications and chats. This programming language is also ideal for programs that need a non-blocking server or event-base server.

What is frontend development? Well, it means coding the UI interface, interacting with backend server in order to fetch data at the frontend, and managing events. It engages the users and influences them to perform some activities.

Node Js is evolving with each passing day. It improves the quality of the codes and features continuously. Since an open-source community supports it, the language will be reared in the future.

Share easily and fast

Developers often need to share their knowledge and using Node Js would be greatly advantageous for them. Working on this platform means acquiring quick helps and sharing whatever you need to share on the community easily and fast. You can also think of sharing various packages with various developers, help them save their time which they otherwise spend struggling with different kinds of packages and sources.

What about the Node Js architecture

Node Js runs on a single thread which is effective in avoiding context switching. It is capable of performing non-blocking I/O operations with the event loop. Transactions that pass through this programming language fit in a callback cascade. Moreover, it manages processing, queuing the asynchronous events through the ‘libuv’ library.


If you dream of building a prosperous career as a developer, you must learn Node Js. And if you are about to face an interview next week, make sure you get through all the possible Node Js interview questions, and have their correct answers to crack it confidently.

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