Many new developments have also been made over time with the continued increase of technology, but it is difficult to determine or bet on the correct program to start the development of the web and mobile app when it comes to selecting some new programming language. Many IoT app development comes with emerging features that attract designers at light speed due to the wide range of functionalities provided by the upcoming languages.

Desktop, mobile and web applications are something almost everyone is familiar with. Applications are created and deployed for various and almost every purpose, and yet the domain is still expanding. 

Have you ever wondered what tools are required to create an application? If you know the answer to this, then there might be chances that you get stuck while selecting the ideal tool to create your business application.  

AngularJS web development services are one amongst the many app development frameworks that are trending in the market. This article covers a brief overview of the popular frameworks, ReactJS and AngularJS. Also, it lays emphasis on which platform is most appropriate for developing an IoT powered application.


ReactJS was launched in the year 2012. It is a web framework that is used while creating UI elements or user interface. Facebook, along with many other developers and enterprises, takes into account the maintenance part of ReactJS. 

ReactJS acts as a foundation and facilitates the creation of mobile or single-page applications. ReactJS boasts a modular structure with every module known as components. 


Based on JavaScript, AngularJS is an open-source framework maintained by Google. It was created with an aim to assist single-page app development in an organized manner. The platform also elevates the testing component by the advanced architecture, i.e. Model-View-Controller and Model-View-ViewModel.

Below are a few global apps and websites that use AngularJS framework:

  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • The Guardian
  • Freelancer
  • iStock
  • jetBlue
  • Lego
  • Upwork
  • Youtube for PS3
  • The Weather Channel

Angular And IoT

Two Way Data Binding: Data binding is the tuning of data between the view component and model. AngularJS facilitates model projection to application view. By this, a seamless projection is created while demanding minimal efforts from the developers. 

Ease Of Testing: One of the most important points of advantage is that AngularJS boasts a hassle-free testing mechanism. Each JavaScript code undergoes a series of tests before its actual implementation. This encourages convenient testing of every component at different phases without any challenge. 

Single Page Applications: AngularJS encourages single page application development. Single-page applications are catching up attention of IoT app developers, and the credit goes to its responsiveness that makes it popular. The framework deploys distributed computing mode, that aids the single-page applications to enhance their functionality to the web. 

Dependency Injection

The in-built dependency injection mechanism empowers the user to set dependencies by approving services as parameters. The server recognizes the request made followed by approving it to avail instant services. The dependency injection also simplifies the unit testing and hence accelerating the process of app development. 

Choosing Between The Two: AngularJS VS ReactJS

Both the frameworks, i.e. AngularJS and ReactJS come with their own merits and demerits. Bluntly stating anyone as the best would be unfair to the other. 

Depending on the priorities, nature of the job, the complexity of app development and the features altogether contributes to deciding which framework to choose. 

Scroll down to know some of the key differences between the two.

Learning Curve

AngularJS utilizes the TypeScript, i.e. an aspect of JavaScript. It makes the learning process a bit steeper than the ReactJS, a framework completely and purely based on JavaScript. 

On the other hand, ReactJS functions at its best with ES6 syntax, that could prove to be a complex process to learn especially for beginners.

Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications are popular for minimal loading time that eliminates the long waiting time while accessing an application. SPA is highly responsive applications and extremely important as well. 

Creating a single page application via AngularJS is bliss as compared to its competitor ReactJS, that due to the lack of packages creates many complexities in the process of app development.

Multi-Page Applications

Multi-Page applications are not as popular as the single-page applications; however, they are still invested upon. These are the basic forms of applications that request the server every time any data is required to display. ReactJS earns a point over AngularJS in terms of multi-page applications. 

Application Deployment

While undergoing a phase of app development, the ease of development and deployment plays a crucial role in determining the success and revenue collection from the business. 

In terms of deployment, AngularJS is a bit more challenging to work with; however, the Angular CLI covers all the aspects of development in a sequential manner making it worthy of investing for IoT app development

Depending on their needs and preferences, programmers may choose to design mobile apps for consumers more easily and efficiently.

Since the emerging tech sector is favoured by numerous IT industry firms and web development services, soon we can witness the great innovations in almost every field.

Angular vs React both have gained popularity over the discussion forums and among the developers’ community. While looking at the most popular platform’s stats, Angular has 56,586 stars, and Reactjs has 142,606 stars. (View)

Final words

Each framework, i.e. AngularJS and ReactJS, have their own pros and cons. However, the effectiveness of the platform and the range of features and functionality available contributes to the popularity of AngularJS web development.

Searching on the web to hire AngularJS 2 developers is a good option to understand the vision and approach used in the development of apps. IoT is an ever-growing technology that helps keep the mechanical and digital devices connected for enhanced accountability and making the service effective and efficient. 

Hurry up and approach a renowned software development company for an exclusive IoT application that caters to your business idea.

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