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PHP is a general-purpose scripting language and is used to develop websites. It’s an open-source platform and can be embedded into HTML. Now here are listed some basic advantages of PHP:

Advantages of PHP

  • This language is easy to implement.
  • It gives users a better performance.
  • It brings in more control for the web developer.

The PHP framework is referred to Model View Controller (MVC). MVC is an architectural pattern that distinguishes business logic from the UI. Model represents data, view features the presentation layer and controller takes care of the business logic.

Codeigniter is a PHP MVC framework and is used to develop web applications involving much less time. Codeigniter comes up with the excellent libraries, which establish an easy connection to the database.

Cake PHP is an open-source web framework, which follows the MVC architecture. This framework comes up with the smarter plugins, which you can easily implement. It refers to an advance PHP hybrid featuring the data mapper pattern.

Model View Architecture (MVC) is the main logic behind the PHP framework. This pattern helps the developer to avoid producing repetitive codes and it saves time and effort. It establishes a secure connection to the database and the developer executes the code successfully.

You can create a directory with PHP using the mkdir() function. The code is mkdir(“/path/to/my/dir”, 0700); There is the option to use the fopen() function to create a file inside the directory.

PHP has two basic ways to get the output, echo and print. You can use the eco statement with or without parentheses, echo or echo(). For eg: <?php

Echo “<h2>PHP is Fun! </h2>”;

Echo “Hello world! <br>”;

A PHP aptitude test can be conducted to test the skills of a PHP developer. Nowadays, it’s easy to arrange an online test and you can invite the PHP develop to take part in the test. The paper may have both theoretical and practical questions to get an idea of the practical knowledge of the developer.

Echo and print in PHP almost have similar values. Both are used to get the output data displayed on the screen. However, there is a small difference echo has no return value whereas print has a return value of 1.

PHP is a server-side scripting language and it runs on a server. However, you can write PHP code without having a web server. The code to run PHP without a web browser is mentioned below: Php path-to-your-script.php.

First, you need to save the HTML, which you want to include into the .PHP file. You have to use the include PHP function for each HTML file. For eg:


//do php stuff




Usually, a website either uses a PHP file or a Python file. However, if both the files are used it’s something out of the box. This can be done using the Service-oriented architecture where every part of the website follows the standalone microservice communicating via HTTP request.

Parse errors often come up and you have to focus on the code context Often the syntax errors are hidden the previous code lines. You can compare the syntax examples from the manual identifying the errors.

PHP comes up with four types of errors, which are:

  • Parse or syntax error, which usually happens from the end of the programmer.
  • Fatal error happens when the PHP complier understands the PHP code but returns an undeclared function.
  • The warning errors indicate the missing filed.
  • Notice error shows that there is something wrong in the program.

An error message is triggered when there is an interruption in the software. You have to look through the API documentation to find the solution to the error. You need to turn off the software interruption and it automatically closes the error.

Sometimes, a develop may get an error as ‘Notice: Undefined Index”. This error comes up when there is a variable or constant without an assigned value. You can easily avoid this error using the isset() function.

  1. AJAX can be used to pass value to a PHP script. You can use the AJAX function and in the same function you can use AJAX to retrieve the values. The code is:


url: ‘ajax.php’,

type: “POST”,

dataType: ‘json’,

data: ({name: 145}),

success: function(data){




Based on the user information in DB, it’s possible to include a file in PHP. The process is:

  • Use the DB query to retrieve the user data.
  • You have to execute an if statement to evaluate the file to be loaded.
  • Make sure that the if files exists.
  • Use ‘include’ to import the specific file.
  • If you get an error message you have to identify the issue.

When you are handling a variable type, it’s referred to as Type Juggling. In PHP the variable type is identified on the context where it’s used. If an integer is assigned it becomes an integer variable. The integer is assigned to the variable $num.

The function session_id() is used to get the session id of the current session in PHP. Sometimes, the constant SID is also used to recover the current name and session id. If you specify the id, it substitutes the current session id.

Session variables are the specific variables and you would notice them in the current session of an active application. We use session variables to store specific data and the developer can access them while developing a web application.

The code to create session array is:



$_SESSION[‘name’]=’myname/other var


The code to retrieve session array is:



echo $_SESSION[‘name’];


The code to delete session array is:





Here are the steps to create referral links in PHP:

  • First the referrals would sign up for the program retrieving data from the PHP database.
  • Next, the system comes up with unique referral links.
  • Then add the code for the referral system to check if the user is being referred by another user in index.php.