Are you familiar with Java 8? This new Java platform comes with bug fixes, new features, and enhancements. It can develop and run java programs more efficiently. The alterations make sure that this programming language is going to stay at the top priority for the developers to create industry standard applications.

Java is a versatile programming language, and developers from around the world tend to use this platform for creating a wide array of applications. Java 8 comes up with so many updates, and developers must have a clear idea of them so that they can produce excellent end products.

What is a lambda expression?

Lambda expressions are the largest features compacted into java 8. This practical programming example was missing, and its addition will help this programming language grow in the right direction. But what is lambda expression? A lambda expression can be considered as an anonymous function, helps developers write light syntax code. It is very useful if used only once, making code appear cleaner, and enhances readability.

Get familiar with some java 8 features

Java 8 improves performance of applications without any particular tuning. The key productivity developments include lambda expressions, the streams API, as well as new processes over existing classes. It gives developers flexibility while they deal with null values.


Stream interface is another key update in java 8 which is certainly distinct from input and output stream, so don’t mix them up. It comprises variety of stream operations such as sorted, filter, map, match, reduce, count, and more. You can effectively use streams with the lambda expression. Create stream through collection class and use with streams interface regarding better          data manipulation.


Maps API gone under new exciting alterations in Java 8. It has a drawback though, as you can’t use it directly with stream API. The modification includes support for different processes regarding common tasks such as merging entries, removing keys, and more.

The date APIs

The date API is another new inclusion to java 8. Before this, web developers used Joda time library. Though the new date API borrows greatly from the previous feature, it fixes problems observed in the Joda library too. You can get this within the java.time package.

Java 8 ensures speed improvement

Java 8 can run your application faster. As a matter of fact, applications that have switched to java 8 experience speed improvement without any particular work or tuning. This is not applied to applications that have been greatly tuned to a certain JVM.

Add new methods

Almost everyone knows that Lambdas and streams are the most significant features and the top selling points of java 8, but what is less known is that modifications in java 8 allow the developers to introduce new processes to existing classes, and they don’t even need to compromise backwards compatibility. As a result, the combination of new methods with lambda expressions allows web developers simplify their code.

Try your best to reach the goal

Are you seeking a prosperous career in the web development industry? It is your turn to find your dream job, and pursue your passion in your field of interest. If you consider yourself an efficient and skilled language developer who has great knowledge of java 8 and other key programming languages, be consistent until you reach your goal.

Preparation is very essential, especially if you have been waiting for this interview call for so long. Make sure, you revise enough time. Before attending the interview and facing the interviewer, it is essential that you go through all the vital Java 8 interview questions that are asked frequently in the interviews, so that you can stay confident throughout the session.


Technology is continuously and rapidly evolving. We get acquainted with new software, libraries, and updates every day. Developers are curious by nature, and they immediately jump on a new technology and try it once it is released. They consider updating themselves on a regular basis, and this practice or eagerness to know new things is something that helps them stay contemporary.

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