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We study the javascript MVW framework coming up with the ideal questions

Next, we frame questions on data binding

We here also frame questions on engine routing and we help you to know the importance of built-in templates

It’s important to know about form validations and animations and it gives you the confidence to attend the interview

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CLI is the acronym for Command Line Interface, which can be used to create the Angular JS application. With CLI, you can also create unit and end-to-end testing for the Angular application.

Decorators basically change the definitions of classes or property. These are also referred to as annotations and are JS features. In Angular, these decorators include some metadata for classes and attributes to convey what they mean and how it's supposed to function.

Structural guidelines are responsible for the HTML layout. It forms or forms the structure of the DOM, typically by adding, removing, or manipulating elements. As with other instructions, you apply a structural directive to a host element.

Angular 2 is component based. Components combine concepts we are already familiar with from AngularJS. The Angular 2 component combines the AngularJS directive, controller and scope. My article will try to make you more comfortable with components by comparing it to what you already know about AngularJS.

Angular shape templates are dynamic. If Angular reproduces it, it transforms the DOM according to the instructions given by the guidelines. An assignment is a class with an @Directive () decorator.

Angular 2 templating system gives us a syntax to express the dynamic part of our HTML.

In Angular 2, a component needs to have a view. To define a view, you can define a template inline (using template) or in a separate file (using templateUrl).

Decorators are functions that are used with an advanced @ symbol, and are immediately followed by a class, parameter, method, or attribute. The decoration function provides information about the class, parameter or method, and the decoration function returns something in its place, or manipulates the target in some way.

There are basically two ways to handle errors in Angular application

Try Catch

To catch synchronous exceptions in the code, we can add a try/catch block. If an error is thrown inside try then we catch it and handle it.

  1. try {
  2. ………
  3. code
  4. ………
  5. }
  6. catch (error) {
  7. console.error(error);
  8. }

ErrorHandler Hook

Angular provides a hook for centralized exception handling with ErrorHandler. The default implementation of ErrorHandler prints error messages to the console.

code :

  1. import { ErrorHandler } from '@angular/core';
  3. @Injectable()
  4. export class GlobalErrorHandler implements ErrorHandler {
  5. handleError(error) {
  6. // your custom error handling logic
  7. }
  8. }

Then, we provide it in our root module to change default behavior in our application. Instead of using the default ErrorHandler class we are using our class.

  1. @NgModule({
  2. providers: [{provide: ErrorHandler, useClass: GlobalErrorHandler}]
  3. })

1. It is entirely component based.

2. Better change detection

3. Angular2 has better performance.

4. Angular2 has more powerful template system.

5. Angular2 provide simpler APIs, lazy loading and easier to application debugging.

6. Angular2 much more testable

7. Angular2 provides to nested level components.

8. Ahead of Time compilation (AOT) improves rendering speed

9. Angular2 execute run more than two programs at the same time.

10. Angular1 is controllers and $scope based but Angular2 is component based.

11. The Angular2 structural directives syntax is changed like ng-repeat is replaced with *ngFor etc.

12. In Angular2, local variables are defined using prefix (#) hash. You can see the below *ngFor loop Example.

13. Typescript can be used for developing Angular 2 applications

14. Better syntax and application structure


During Angular 2 development,its second version got rid of unnecessary complexity that was present in previous one. For example, Angular 2 team has removed or replaced nearly all the concepts from the first version. I am talking about modules, controllers, scopes, directives etc.


Unlike Angular, ReactJS is a JavaScript-based open-source library with a JSX compiler. It is mainly focused on the user interface allowing to create reusable UI views components.

Using React you should always remember that it is not one more MVC framework but just a library for rendering your views. This way, React is an interface-focused solution since your users get a highly responsive interface with smooth loading.