Mobile phones have become a characteristic piece of our routine and existence without them is difficult to envision. With the need of innovative solutions at a click’s speed, the necessity of those giving mobile solutions is at an unequally high, bringing about the developing interest for mobile testers. Mobile application testing checks the usefulness, effectiveness, and consistency of mobile applications. Mobile testing is done to test mobile phones to guarantee smooth and without glitch attempting to give a consistent user experience.

There are 2 types of mobile testing:

  • Automate testing
  • Manual testing

Different types of mobile applications

Mobile applications are of 3 types:

  • Native Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Hybrid Applications

How might you impart IF application crashes to the developer?

Questioners ask this mobile testing interview question to comprehend your technique for speaking with the designers if there should be an occurrence of inconsistencies. Examine how you speak with designers and backing your answer with reasons and past encounters if conceivable.

How might you respond if your application functions admirably on certain gadgets and accidents on others?

Mobile testers have a plenty of methods to distinguish issues and bugs in an application. Disclose your technique to survey the exhibition and how it would adequately give solutions.

What are the main mobile application tests/experiments as indicated by you?

Questioners ask this mobile testing meeting inquiry to comprehend your needs while testing an application, and in the event that they are in-accordance with the company’s point of view. Do a wide research on the applications made by the company and recognize the bugs and fixes required.

What as indicated by you are the 5 difficulties that sway mobile application testing?

The response to this inquiry should mirror the things you remember while performing tests on applications. Discussion about the 5 things that need additional consideration as you would like to think and back your answer with reasons. (There are various Mobile Automation testing tools but we have picked 5 most effective ones: Appium (Android and iOS), Calabash (Android and iOS), MonkeyTalk (Android and iOS), Robotium (Android only), Frank (iOS))

Would you be able to name some regular automated mobile testing tools that you use?

This is a fundamental yet vital mobile testing inquiry question.

It is vital for those working on automated mobile testing to remain refreshed on every new instrument. Examine in detail, the devices that you believe are productive and can help you run tests successfully.

Tell about fundamental standards of security testing on Mobile Applications?

The main key standards of security testing are:

Vulnerability Analysis Includes cycles of manual or automated looking of flaws in the application. Normally performed via automated scanners yet some of the time should be possible manually.

Penetration Testing Type of security testing that normally performed while building framework that is prepared for release. Principle undertaking of Penetrating are endeavors of security analyzer to break the application by misusing the vulnerabilities found during Vulnerability Analysis. Pentesting ought to be performed consistently on the very form that is in Production yet in an alternate climate. Additionally, something vital is use of comparable information during Pentesting that is utilized on Production.

To forestall appearance of security vulnerability checking and dynamic observing ought to be performed routinely at framework and application levels to distinguish issues. On the off chance that basic issues were found during checking they ought to be fixed quickly.

While performing start to finish mobile testing what are the significant rules, you need to take in thought?

Uninstallation of the build; Ability to Log Into application with valid credentials; Support of Landscape/Portrait orientations; Installation of the new build; Launch of the application without crashes; Performance of the application in Offline mode(If it’s available); Response time and functionality of key features.

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