When you sit for an interview for the first time you will definitely be nervous. Thoughts that will come into your mind could be that what will be the interviewer is going to ask, will I be good or I will spoil up and many such questions. Imagine seating in front of the interviewer, feel that nervousness, think about the thoughts that will come into your mind. To make your task easier and for preparing you for the interview, I am here to tell you some top questions you should prepare before seating into a LINQ Interview

Now telling you about the LINQ is that it stands for Language Integrated Query. It is a Microsoft .NET Framework component that links native data lineup facilities to .NET languages. It was first released in 2007 as an important part of .NET Framework 3.5. It is fully structured and offers easy data access from active memory objects, databases, XML documents, and many more. LINQ integrates queries in C# and Visual Basic via a fixed of extensions.

Let’s take observe a few often asked LINQ Interview questions and their answers. These questions will assist you with interviews in addition to different exams.

Q.1) What is LINQ?

Ans: –The phrase LINQ is the abbreviation of the Language Integrated Query. It’s a .NET framework module that connects local records querying competencies to .NET Language. It gives clean records get admission to from in-reminiscence gadgets, databases, XML documents, and lots of greater.

Q.2) What are the special approaches to jot down LINQ question syntax?

Ans: – There are two ways: –

  • Query syntax or Expression syntax
  • Method syntax or approach Extension Syntax

Q.3) What is the Query syntax?

Ans: – Query syntax is just like Structured Query Language for the database. It is defined in the C# or VB code.


 from <range variable> in <IEnumerable<T> or IQueryable<T> Collection> 

  <specific Query Operators> <lambda expression> 

  <select or groupBy operator> <result formation> 

Few essential factors approximately Query syntax are as follows.

  • It begins off evolved with FROM keyword and ends with the SELECT or GROUP BY keyword.
  • It is similar to SQL (Structured Query Language) syntax.
  • It makes use of a few special operators like joining, grouping, sorting, filtering operators to assemble the preferred result.
  • It makes use of an implicitly typed variable to preserve the result of the LINQ question.

Q.4) Define special forms of LINQ?

Ans: – The special forms of LINQ are as follows

  • LINQ to Objects
  • LINQ to DataSet
  • LINQ to Entities

Apart from the above, there’s additionally a LINQ kind named PLINQ, that’s Microsoft parallel LINQ.

Q.5) Explain LINQ to SQL?

Ans: – LINQ to SQL is part of ADO.NET technologies. It manages the relational records as an item. LINQ to SQL converts the language incorporated question withinside the item to SQL and forwards them to the database for execution. When the database responds, the result LINQ to SQL interprets them returned to gadgets.

LINQ to SQL helps user-described features and saved approaches withinside the database.

Q.6) Explain LINQ to XML?

Ans: – LINQ to XML affords the in-constructed record reform competencies of the DOM (Document Object Model) and helps LINQ Queries. Using it, we will adjust queries, navigate, and keep the adjustments of an XML record. It permits us to jot down queries to retrieve and navigate a group of factors and attributes. It is pretty just like XPath and XQuery.

Q7.) What is a LinqDataSource manage?

Ans:-  If you need to apply LINQ in an ASP.NET webpage, then LinqDataSource is an essential part of the dataset. It is used to set the residences withinside the markup text, manage, retrieve, and adjust records. It also can be used to declaratively bind different ASP.NET controls on a web page to a records supply. In this manner, it’s miles just like SQL Datasource and ObjectDataSource controls.

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