If you are new in web development then Python can be ideal for you. It is a backend programming language and somehow, it’s similar to Ruby. In comparison with other available programming languages, Python is less wordy or verbose.

Python is a high-level language and the programmers won’t need to deal with the low-level programming aspects like memory management. One can use it for scripting, creating sets of data, and web scraping. Scientific computing is also done with Python, making it popular in the science community.

Understanding the distinction between front-end and back-end

When you visit a website, landing on a web page, you see the front-end. Everything on that page including the pictures, the texts, and the links, all falls under the front-end category. To create the front-end, developers often use coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

On the other hand, the back-end is more about what goes behind the curtain which is not visible to a general visitor. Back-end code directs the operations of a website and it needs data from the database for displaying it. Back-end coding is done using languages like Python, Ruby, and PHP.

What makes python an ideal language for beginners?

The syntax of Python is quite similar to the English language which makes it intuitive. Beginners can easily grasp what is going on. There is no need to bother about understanding complex symbols while using Python.

Developers tend to write codes in Python because it is so readable. Even if they do not get the chance to write in Python always, they attempt to write internal tools, smaller projects as well as automation scripts in Python.

If you know Python, you can promote it as a marketable skill while joining any software engineering team because you will have a clear idea of how to build something which is well-maintained and well-accepted by your team.

As a Python programmer, you can expect high pays which will generate confidence in you and encourage you to explore the field further. If you want to start a career in software engineering, you should consider learning Python.

Frameworks used with Python

Flask and Django are among the most appreciated and popular web frameworks associated with Python. Students of machine learning, scientists, as well as individuals on the more academic side of computing, prefer Jupyter Notebooks. These frameworks will allow you to share runnable code snippets along with the explanations of what is the purpose of the code.

What do want to do with Python?

Python can be a great choice to build a website’s back-end, data analysis, machine learning, accessing API data, and automating iterative tasks.

Instagram manages its CMS using the framework of Python known as Django and Instacart forecasts demand through Python to run projections regarding the impending weeks.

Major Python versions

Python 2 and Python 3 are the two major Python versions.

Many companies still use the legacy ‘Python 2’, probably because they developed their websites using Python 2 and have not upgraded yet to Python 3.

Python 3 came up with big upgrades and important modifications, making transitioning plenty of work. So companies prefer to stick with the older version otherwise they have to rebuild the entire website.

Most of the new websites are built by Python 3. And almost every company considers shifting to Python 3. If you are willing to learn Python for the first time, try to prioritize the latest version.

Become a Python developer

By learning Python, you will be considered as a Python developer and if you are sufficiently skilled, you can expect to get a call from Facebook saying that they want to hire you. There are other job options as well. These days, everyone prefers to use Python including journalists, doctors, product managers, and scientists.

Exploring your Dream Job

Once you find the Python interview questions you can easily get ready for the interview and it gives you the confidence to go ahead.

It is very difficult though not impossible to know the entirety of any programming language. It is very essential to know what you are trying to accomplish and put effort to learn the language accordingly. Though, if you want to make a career as a Python developer, you need to consider having sufficient knowledge. Explore all the possible Python interview questions and answer the interviewer confidently to secure your position in a reputed company.

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