Are you worried about your first PHP interview? Wondering how to prepare yourself, so you can crack the interview with confidence? Though, it may seem quite daunting, cracking an interview is certainly not an impossible task. If you are well informed about the subject, in this case PHP and follow certain steps, you will be able to impress the interviewer and secure your position.

Background search

Before you sit in the interview, make sure to do background search about the firm or company. This will enable you to understand what type of questions a specific interviewer will ask. Almost all the companies have a pattern of questions they frequently ask that is why background checking is quite effective. 

Utilizing your time

If you are already shortlisted for the interview, you may not get so much time to waste. Once you are done with thebackground searching and feeling confident about the topics the company asks, identify the hot questions on the topic which you are not that much comfortable with. Utilize your time as sincerely as possible to prepare such questions in which you feel bleak.

Right attitude 

It would be wrong to assume that if you can’t provide all the answers of the interview questions, you won’t be able to crack the interview. In fact, it is certainly not possible to know everything. Many times, the interviewer intentionally check the attitude of the interviewee how he or she is handling the question. When the interviewer ask you a question, take your time and revise the answer you are willing to give. If in case, you do not know the solution of a certain question, without wasting time ,tell the interviewer, so he or she can ask you another question which you may answer.

Think out loud

If the interviewer gives you a coding question where you need to write the code, you must give it a right approach. Silently think about the solution is certainly not a good idea. Thinking out loud while solving a coding question, it means telling your interviewer how you are thinking to solve the problem. This will portray the explaining skills that you have which most companies look for.

Giving a logical algorithm

In interviews, you can witness a situation where you have knowledge about the logical algorithm for solving the problem, but not capable of coding the complete answer. In such case, you should inform the interviewer that you can’t write the accurate code but you know the algorithm for the problem. If you fail to do that, the interviewer may think that you do not have sufficient skills for solving problems, but as a matter of fact, you have less skill for implementation. 

Keeping it clear

When you are writing code on a paper, make sure the sheet is readable and clean. Try to avoid mistakes, cancelling so many portions of the coding in between and writing the code in the end of the page. You should not provide a piece of paper which will make the job of the interviewer difficult. No backspace is available when you write codes with pen, so make sure that you are confident about it before starting.

Be at ease

The interviewer may ask you to solve certain problems for checking your stability in pressure conditions. You need to be prepared for such situations and stay cool. Taking so much pressure will definitely not help you; in fact tension can disturb your confidence. Putting a smile on your face may help you to stay at ease during the interview and maintaining eye contact with the interviewer can enhance your confidence.


If you follow the above mentioned steps, you may end up improving your confidence level. The combination of right knowledge and right attitude can do lot of miracles. Face the interview with positivity and secure your dream job.

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