General Full Forms List: Helps to explore a great career

Be it the preparation for a job interview or competitive exam, you should have the knowledge about different general acronyms which can play an important role in your success. You may hear many of the abbreviations almost each day, but still many of them are unknown to you.

Keeping that in mind, Remittance Sol offers you a comprehensive General Full Forms List that are frequently asked in interviews and appeared in exams and you should consider about knowing and practicing them in order to ensure your success.

We present you carefully chosen terms derived from different categories such as IT, computer science, and organizational, educational, technology and so on. This will definitely enhance your confidence level and help you to deliver your best performance and eventually to get your dream job. Remittance Sol is the perfect platform to explore your knowledge and build a prosperous career in your desired industry.

10+ Full Form of the Indian Banks

IDBI The Industrial Development Bank of India
HSBC Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
SBI State Bank of India
HDFC Housing Development Finance Corporation
DBS Bank Lt The Development Bank of Singapore Limited
ICICI Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
PNB Punjab National Bank
UBL United Bank Limited


union bank of india
UCO United Commercial Bank
AB Allahabad Bank

20 + Full Forms Technology Related

ASP Active Server Page
WWW  World Wide Web
IT Information Technology
CAD Computer Aided Design
PIN Personal Identification Number
ASP Application Service Provider
POP Power On Password
SMS System Management Server
IP Internet Protocol
PPP  Point to Point Protocol
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuits
PCI Personal Computer Interface
3D Three Dimensional
IC  Integrated Circuit
NIC  Network Interface Card
DVD Digital Video Disk
CLASS Compiled java program- often used as class extension
DOS  Disk Operating System
URL Uniform Resource Locator
FTP  File Transfer Protocol
NIC Network Interface Card
CPU Central Processing Unit
PC Personal Computer