HTML stands for Hypertext Markup language and it helps in developing a customized application. Here, you find the options of embedded tag and text annotations that enables you to come up with smarter features. Nowadays, HTML comes up as the most popular technology and you can now get familiar with all positive aspects. HTML is recognized as the world wide web’s primary language and it helps you to create a comprehensive interface.

However, HTML is used to create only static pages and there is the option to change the content header, footage etc. Now, if you want to develop a dynamic web page then you need to combine HTML with CSS or JavaScript.

Now, HTML5 is the advanced version of HTML and it brings in the new features helping you to create an interactive web page. First, you need to get familiar with the features and accordingly you can make implement the technology in the right way.

Seek Admission to the Right Course

Presently, there are manifold courses that help you to learn the features of HTML5. Thus, you can get familiar with the actual use of the technology and you can now get rid of all the worries. Ensure that you join a reputed institute offering HTML and HTML5 courses and you can thus comprehend the true importance of the advanced form of technology. Once you learn the difference between the older version and the updated version of HTML you would find it easy to make the right implementation. Once you complete the course successfully you need to get familiar with the HTML5 interview questions and you can explore the right job.

Difference Between HTML and HTML5

Here you get a clear idea of the difference between HTML and HTML5:

  • HTML 5 supports scalable vector graphics and it helps in creating the exclusive web pages. On the other hand, HTML supports vector graphics, when it’s used in conjunction with other technologies such as Flash, VML etc.
  • HTML5 comes up with advanced parsing rules due to which you explore a higher compatibility. Whereas HTML lacks compatibility and you can only develop statis web pages.
  • HTML5 supports SQL database and it helps in storing data at your ease. And the HTML uses only browser cache to store important data. So, HTML5 comes up with the advanced form of technology and it brings in the positive aspects.
  • HTML5 supports JavaScript to run within the web browser whereas the previous version of HTML allows JavaScript to run in the web browser interface thread.
  • Older version of HTML does not support the advanced controls. HTML5 supports advanced controls and it becomes easy to manage date, time, email, number, range etc. It gives you confidence in real-time and you can implement the technology in the right way.
  • HTML does not support audio and video effects. You need to install Flash Player to get the audio and video effects. However, HTML5 supports audio and video controls and you can now create a web page with great visual effects.
  • Previous version of HTML can’t be used to create a mobile-friendly application. Nowadays, mobile-friendly web pages and applications gain utmost popularity. Now, you can use HTML5 to create a mobile-friendly web page that brings in a better experience.

Here, you get a clear view of the comparison between HTML and HTML5 and it helps you to handle the technology in the right way.

Join the Dream Job

Are you an expert in HTML5? Now, you can easily join your dream job and it gives you the poise to go ahead. First, you need to get familiar with the HTML5 interview questions and you can now get rid of all confusions. Hence, you can achieve real success in life and it brings in the true happiness. It’s time to get prepared for the interview and you can now explore life in a new way.

It’s good to consult with an expert who gives you an idea of the interview questions and thus it brings in the better feel. Make sure that you re confident enough to face the interviewer and it’s important to get familiar with the practical implementation of the technology. You must know the error handling techniques, which is an important part of web development. So, you can now explore the job that makes you feel satisfied.

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