Components of a good strategy include Technical SEO, On-page SEO & Link Building. In other words: an SEO strategy is the process that you follow when you want to get more organic traffic.

Complete 3 Step SEO Strategy

#1. Technical SEO

  • SEO URL Structure
  • Page Load Speed
  • Broken Links & Broken Redirects (404 not found error)
  • Duplicate Content
  • SEO Meta Tags
  • Structured Data Markup

#2. On-page SEO

  • Keyword Optimization
  • H1 Title Tag
  • H2 – H6 Title Tags
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Image Alt and Title Tags
  • Semantic Keywords

#3. SEO Link Building

  • Backlink Quality
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Backlink Outreach

Technical SEO

You must construct all website positioning Strategies on a stable technical search engine marketing foundation. Often referred to as On-site SEO, this basis refers to the website, web hosting server and DNS optimizations. These technical optimizations are fundamental in assisting the search engine crawler’s index your web page greater effectively.

SEO URL Structure

Your search engine optimization URL, or “slug”, is necessary for search. For proper practice, hold URLs short, the usage of the goal key phrases most applicable to your net web page topic.


  • Use all lowercase
  • Use solely dashes (hyphens) to separate words
  • Max of 512 characters or Google will truncate
  • Limit the use of end words: a the, to, and many others the place possible

Page Load Speed

Your website online velocity is extraordinarily essential to web optimization and is now a rating factor. Google considers a gradual loading web page to be negative consumer experience. There are many elements that can have an effect on your website’s load time.

Broken Links &Broken Redirects (404 no longer discovered error)

I’m certain you’ve considered it before, the HTTP 404 Not Found Error. It sincerely skill you had been attempting to load a internet web page or file aid that couldn’t be found. It’s the end result of a damaged hyperlink or redirects. The damaged website online hyperlink sends traffic to a non-existent resource. Not good.

Broken hyperlinks and redirects manifest when shifting content material or renaming web page URLs however don’t replace your links. It occurs to everyone. But, it creates a bad consumer experience. In addition, it’s awful for search engine optimisation as the crawler can’t index non-existent content. A easy website online audit or a outing to Google’s Search Console can assist you find out these issues.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content is content material that’s same or very comparable to different posted content material in more than one net locations. Where places are described as a special URL. The situation is that Google doesn’t usually recognize which content material to provide preference. This confusion can reason terrible ranking. There are many myths about content material duplication. One fable cautions that Google can also penalize your content. I’m no longer right here to undertaking the myths nor have I ever viewed such a penalty. What I will say is, intention for excessive quality, special content material and Google will reward you for it.

SEO Meta Tags

SEO Meta Tags are bits of HTML code that stay on each net web page of your site. They provide greater element about your internet web page to the search engines and are very essential to SEO.

Structured Data Markup

Special bits of code (or markup) brought to a internet page's HTML that’s interpreted through search engines. Google will use this structured facts to generate wealthy snippets internal its search results. Excellent for website positioning as a featured snippet can outrank the pinnacle natural positions.

On-page SEO

On-page search engine marketing (AKA on-page optimization) is a sequence of advertising systems carried out at the internet site stage used to enhance consumer ride and search positions. On-page approaches encompass content material optimization, key-word optimization, cell optimization, snippet optimization, etc.

It’s frequent exercise to begin your on-page efforts with key-word research. Not a horrific area to start. You may base your key phrases round your product names, your offerings or your kind of business. But, this can also yield wide phrases with low search intent.

Keyword Optimization

Next, you want to locate the best way of integrating the key phrases into your website’s structure. It might also appear obvious, but, we do this to set up a precedence and reason of our page/post to the search engine. Put the key phrases towards the commencing of a publish title (if possible) and inside the first paragraph of the content. More placement possibilities encompass the web page URL, H1 title tag, Meta title, Meta description, picture file names, and photo ALT tags.

H1 Title Tag

Your H1 title is commonly the essential heading that sits atop your physique content. It’s precise exercise to encompass your essential key phrases in the title.

H2 – H6 Title Tags

Its correct exercise to consist of synonyms or phrases semantically associated to your key phrases in your subheading titles.

Meta Title

What’s necessary right here is that your main key-word is present. Again, it need to be herbal and contextually relevant. More importantly, it’s the blue hyperlink displayed in the SERP, so, it desires to stand out. Refer to the Meta Tags part for greater info.

Meta Description

You Meta Description need to assist your important key-word and declare made in your Meta Title. Again, it must be herbal and contextually relevant. This is the advert reproduction displayed in the SERP, so, it wants to stand out. Refer to the Meta Tags part for extra info.

Image Alt Tags

Short for “alternative” and is the textual content used in region of the photo for display screen readers. Its motive is to assist visually impaired traffic apprehend the context of a positioned image. So, use your key phrases to describe the photograph appropriately and in detail.

Image Title Tags

We by no means come throughout any concrete records helping the photograph title tags’ web optimization significance. When placing our Image Alt Tag, we reproduction this cost over to the photograph title for excellent measure.

Semantic Keywords

Mentioned until now and referring to phrases comparable in that means or share some relationship with your essential keyword. It approves you to combine in associated meanings as no longer absolutely everyone is aware of phrases by using the identical name.

Example: economic planner and economic advisor.

 SEO Link Building

AKA Off-site search engine optimization is arguably the largest rating sign Google makes use of to decide web page rank. Website positioning hyperlink constructing is the system of incomes or gaining hyperlinks to your site.

Backlink Quality

Your web page rank is influenced by using the web page linking to you. The greater authoritative the linking site, the greater impactful the self-belief vote. On the flip side, low-quality inbound links can have an effect on you adversely.

Link Building Strategies

Any search engine marketing information stresses the significance of link-building. But, some experience that constructing hyperlinks is an search engine optimization magic trick. I can guarantee you there’s no sorcery. Here are a few examples of how to construct backlinks:

Backlink Analysis

It’s necessary to analyze your personal hyperlink profile for new and misplaced inbound links and the over first-rate of the links. In addition, you’ll desire to behavior aggressive inbound link evaluation at normal intervals. It’s properly to be aware of who's linking to your opponents and to hold an eye out new linking opportunities.

Backlink Outreach

“Earning” your links and performing “real outreach” to impact your SEO takes work. I won’t sugarcoat it. Gaining new backlinks is hard… really hard and links from your friend's website won’t cut it either.

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