Web hosting are just not limited to shared hosting plans. All heavy traffic sites are using Dedicated Servers. Do you know what dedicated servers are and how it works? What are the benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting? Which is the best dedicated server in India

In this article, we are going to cover all these topics below. So, for a quick overview, Dedicated server is the physical server that web hosts provide you on a monthly and yearly basis, and you have full control and access to that dedicated server.

All hardware, software and management, everything is your responsibility.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting is a web hosting where you are provided with a physical dedicated server. A dedicated server brings you high speed, better performance, more security, large storage, and many other premium features

If we compare the Dedicated Server with Shared Hosting, then there is a big difference and lots of extra features you will like to see in dedicated hosting. Like in Shared Hosting, you have to share a single server with multiple users, get limited storage and features, there are chances of more downtime, less security, and others. Whereas in Dedicated Server Hosting, you don’t face these types of issues, you get a separate dedicated physical server to host your website, get huge disk storage, best 24/7/365 customer support, and more

So, if you are a professional blogger and you have a good amount of traffic on your website and want to grow up your business and upgrade your hosting plan to a dedicated server plan, then a dedicated server can be the best option to boost up the speed and performance of your website.

Features of Dedicated Server Hosting

Some of the best features that you are provided in Dedicated Server Hosting are as follow:

  • SSD Disk Storage: – Most Dedicated Server Hosting providers offer you SSD Disk Storage, which means the data-transfer speed is going faster.
  • Dedicated CPU: – Not like shared hosting, here you get the personal dedicated CPU to process your data and software. A dedicated CPU gives you high speed and fast performance.
  • Dedicated RAM: – Another best feature is everything is dedicated here, you get the dedicated RAM for the fast performance of your apps and software on your dedicated server.
  • Dedicated IP: – Dedicated IP means you are provided with a unique IP address so to access your website and data.
  • Full Root/SSH Access: – You have the access to your Root and SSH, which means you have full server control.
  • High Priority Support: – Customer support is very important. When you choose to host your website on dedicated servers, then you are already purchasing premium hosting, where you get the high priority support from your hosting support team.
  • Free SSL: – Security is very important while transferring your data on the internet from place to place. SSL certificate encrypts your data while transferring from your server to the user’s browsers. SSL certificate also builds trust in users for your website.
  • Free Website Optimization: – Most of the dedicated server hosting providers offers you free website optimization for your dedicated server hosting website that helps to grow your website and reach more audience.
  • Better and Improved Security: – As we discussed above, the dedicated server brings you more security. As you have a personal server that can’t be accessed by some other user, and the dedicated server comes with built-in high-security tools, and the customer support team is always active to secure your website and data.
  • High Uptime: – Having a dedicated server means, the reasons for going your site down are less and your site’s uptime will go high.

Why HostingRaja is the Best Dedicated Hosting Provider in India?

If you are a visitor from India and looking for the best dedicated server that will give the best performance and high speed, then here is the best Hosting provider for you, named as HostingRaja Dedicated Server Hosti

HostingRaja is a valuable and trusted dedicated server hosting in India for both Windows and Linux OS (Operating System). HostingRaja is the only dedicated server hosting provider in India that offers you a Cpanel with in-built website optimization and enhanced security

Here we are going to mention some of the features that HostingRaja offers you under their Dedicated Server Hosting Plan, which are as follows: –

  • Optimized Control Panel
  • Free Migration
  • Free Website Optimization
  • Cache Optimization
  • SSD Disk Storage
  • Dedicated CPU
  • Dedicated RAM and IP
  • Up to 15TB of Bandwidth
  • Free Varnish Server
  • Free SpamAssassin
  • Full Root/SSH Access
  • Realtime Malware Injection Scan
  • CSS/JS Optimizer
  • Free SSL
  • High Priority Customer Support, and many more

So these were some highlighted and best features that HostingRaja offers you under their dedicated server hosting provider. HostingRaja Dedicated server is the best-dedicated server hosting for Indian bloggers or website owners.

Should you buy Dedicated Hosting as a Starter?

If you are a starter and looking for a dedicated hosting server, then we will not recommend you to go for Dedicated Server hosting, instead of Dedicated Server hosting we will suggest you go for HostingRaja VPS Server Hosting or Shared Web Hosting. As a starter, Dedicated Server hosting can be costly for you, you can try shared hosting to have a basic and trial knowledge of how web hosting works and which web hosting offers you the best features and performance.

But yes, if you are a professional blogger or website owner and have a huge amount of traffic on your website and it’s time to upgrade your hosting plan, then yes, this is the time to move to HostingRaja’s Dedicated server hosting.


Wrapping up with this post, if you are looking for a dedicated server hosting in India, then HostingRaja Dedicated Server can be the best option for you to host your website with their dedicated servers. Cheapandbesthosting.com found in its research that HostingRaja offers you a variety of features and special tools to provide you the best experience with their dedicated servers.

The final words are like if you have any doubts, queries, and suggestions regarding this post, then please comment us below. Your every comment will be appreciated.

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