Dear audience, these Drupal Interview Questions were designed mainly to get you familiar with the character of questions you could stumble upon all through your interview for the difficulty of Drupal. As consistent with my experience, top interviewers rarely plan to invite any unique query all through your interview, generally, questions begin with a few fundamental ideas of the difficulty, and later they maintain primarily based totally on similarly dialogue and what you answer:

1) Explain what’s Drupal?

Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS).  It’s open-supply content material and an unfastened CMS framework written in PHP.  It permits you to organize, manipulate and put up content material effectively and springs with plenty of customization options.

2) Why Drupal is taken into consideration effective CMS examination to different CMS systems?

Using a content material creation package Drupal permits you to create a couple of content material sorts with no programming skills. And for every content material type, it permits customizing the subject matter template. You will have an article, story, slideshow, content material type, and so on.

3) Mention what are the important things capabilities of Drupal?

There are  key capabilities of Drupal

  • Upload Module: It permits customers to connect exceptional kinds of documents to node kinds of their liking.
  • Embedding: It permits you to embed media inside nodes that might be hosted on your websites.

4) Explain how caching works in Drupal?

Through caching, Drupal permits to hurry up an internet site the use of an exceptional configuration like web page caching, block caching and lifelong for cached pages.

  • Page Caching: It permits the entire HTML of every web page to be saved withinside the database.  It reduces the variety of queries needed
  • Block Caching: You can set the cache placing for a block in perspectives while a block created via way of means of perspectives
  • Minimum cache lifetime: It is the quantity of time earlier than the web page cache is cleared. On every cron run, web page caches are cleared.
  • Expiration of cached pages: It handiest applies to an outside mechanism, for example, your browser cache or varnish

5) What is a patch?

A patch is a record that includes a listing of variations among one set of documents, and every other.  Through patches, all of the adjustments in code like additions or deletions to Drupal middle may be made. Also, patches may be used to make adjustments to every other replica of the unique or predominant record.

6) What does PDO mean?

PDO way PHP Data Object; it’s miles a lean and constant manner to get admission to databases. It permits builders to put in writing transportable code effectively.

7) Explain how the database device of Drupal works?

In a database Drupal shops facts, and every fact has its personal database table.  For example, the primary facts concerning the nodes of your web website online are saved and stored withinside the node table, and in case you use the CCK module to feature fields in your nodes, the sector facts are saved in a separate table.

8) Name a number of the maximum normally used PHP-primarily based totally CMSs?

Normally used PHP are

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • TYPO3

9) What is DRUSH in Drupal?

DRUSH is a command-line shell and UNIX scripting interface for Drupal

10) Explain what’s the module in Drupal? List out a number of the modules utilized in Drupal?

Modules are like plugins to your web website online.  It permits you to feature exceptional capabilities in your web websites which include polls, touch forms, and seek fields.  Some of the modules advocated are

  • Views
  • Token
  • Ctools
  • Quicktabs
  • Pathauto

11) Explain what Drupal distributions are and while to apply them?

Distributions are complete copies of Drupal, which incorporates Drupal Core, at the side of extra software programs as modules, themes, libraries, and set up profiles. You can use distributions for

  • Evaluating Drupal
  • Demoing Drupal
  • Learning Drupal
  • Quickly binding Site

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