WordPress was released in the year 2003 and since then it has been easing a lot of things. More than one-third of the web uses WordPress as CMS. The latest version of WordPress came into the picture on November 12, 2019, and it gained popularity within no time. From that time, the intensity and popularity of WordPress interview questions are increased. More than 8,088,611 people believe that it is the best CMS for SEO and have downloaded it for their best use. Let us look at the reasons-

Concentrates on User Experience

UX is one of the most important factors to attract users. Google has been focusing on improved user experience since inception and WordPress’s themes and plugins make user-friendly, professional, and attractive websites. Hence, it results in a decreased overall bounce rate of the website.

Helps To Generate Attractive Permalinks

You can plug your keyword into the URL and get rid of your ugly-looking URLs and characters. Along with a clean link, you get an informative permalink.

Ease of Managing Metadata

For an improved and enhanced relevance of your website, you need to have SEO-optimised titles and metadata. A plugin in WordPress called Yoast SEO allows you to add metadata to your posts within minutes. Hence, you can save a lot of time and energy and reach one step closer to getting the desired results.

Image Optimization Takes No Time

Not only content in the written form, but visuals and graphics attract users and make the post more readable and interesting. You can use WordPress to optimize your images without wasting more time.


Use of plugins to create all text for your images.


Create alternative text for the images and use plugins to add keywords as the image descriptions

Load Speed

Maintain or increase the load speed of your page by easily resizing the images.

Text-Editor Feature For Content Turn-Around

Google likes the content and websites that are turned around very speedily. In simple words, the content and the websites that are updated regularly are recognized by Google crawlers quickly. The result is the increased chances of getting a high ranking. A simple yet powerful text editor of WordPress helps in this process and you can schedule your content using the pluginssuch as Editorial Calendar.

Contains Themes Those Are SEO-Friendly

Speed and high performance are the two factors loved by Google. If your websites take time to load and the visitor has to wait to have a look at the services you offer, then ranking high on the search engine seems a tough job. But there are WordPress themes that can club on your website and get an improved experience.

The reliability and usability of WordPress are huge, that is why the content management system has now started finding a place amongst the PHP interview questions along with SEO. Not only on-page and off-page, but you have to know WordPress to beat the competition and stand out of the rest.

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